Kestrel Perch Berries: Ithacaberries.com

Photo Courtesy of NourseFarms.com

Photo Courtesy of NourseFarms.com

Photo Courtesy of NourseFarms.com

Kestrel Perch Berries:
A U-pick fruit CSA at EcoVillage

Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY

Kestrel Perch Berries, a unique combination of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and U-Pick models, supplies seasonal small fruit to members in the greater Ithaca, NY area. Fruit available includes STRAWBERRIES (4 varieties, all rated 'excellent' for flavor); summer and fall RED RASPBERRIES, RED and BLACK CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, and ELDERBERRIES -- all grown without chemicals and all in one convenient West Hill location!

The CSA is the main focus at Kestrel Perch, but a limited amount of non-member picking is available on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. For more information, click on the PAYG link below.

CSA picking starts June 10, but the full-season "flex" share allows some leeway. Click HERE to find out if a 2014 share might still work for you!

Non-member picking (pay-as-you-go = PAYG) starts a couple weeks later. Check out the link below to learn about PAYG picking and see if you want to sign up for the PAYG listserv.

For more information on picking/using berries, click HERE

For additional information about PAYG picking, click HERE

April 2011 CROP MOB at Kestrel Perch: see the video HERE

Kestrel Perch in Organic Gardening magazine! Click HERE

Katie Creeger
220 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850
Email: ithacaberries "at" gmail "dot" com

I hope you will choose to support this additional option for locally grown foods in Tompkins County!